Offering professional,
and heartfelt healthcare,
in the comfort of your own home.


e spent years helping friends and family in need of the kind of services now offered by our company “Angels On Call LLC”. Whenever we could, my wife and I stepped in and lent a helping hand - even seeking out caregivers and arranging other services from available sources. Over time, we became “patient advocates” of sorts, making sure our loved ones got the best assistance we could find.

Dear friends in home healthcare who knew of our outreach encouraged us to start “Angels On Call”. Just listening to them talk about the rewards of helping others as their life’s work inspired us and lifted our hearts. We knew this would be our new mission in life.  

“Angels On Call’s” strongest contribution may come at the beginning of our relationship with our home healthcare clients. We carefully interview each patient and their family in person. We listen to what you have to say and make careful note of any concerns. This “needs assessment” is designed to capture  vital healthcare information while at the same time providing an expanded profile of each patient and their needs. These personalized guidelines establish the parameters of each individual care plan.

We personally make periodic visits to ensure that all caregivers are conducting themselves properly in accord with the client’s pre-stated requests. And, if by chance, the person we selected for you is not exactly perfect for your needs, we can replace them within a short time with another very capable caregiver.

Our objective is to make the time spent with an “Angels On Call” caregiver as free of stress as possible. We believe that our professional, and carefully selected, caregivers will give you the quality care you ought to have.

“Angels On Call” strives to make your decision easier by carefully matching your needs to our current staff of qualified, dedicated caregivers. Then choosing just the right one to match your lifestyle, fitting seamlessly into your home.During this process “Angels On Call” supervisors spend considerable time and efforts determining the proper personality mix and discussing your specific needs with those we have chosen to assist you.

Each bonded, certified and insured caregiver will have been thoroughly checked for backgrounds and references, and all certifications carefully verified. The caregivers we hand select to serve you will be professional, caring, ethical, and compassionate.